Scanning Probe Microscopy of Biospecific Interaction

MSU & ASU collaborative work under the sponsorship of NATO Science Program (Linkage Grant #LST.CLG.975.161)

Escherichia coli in air

Contact mode 13 micron

E. coli in air

Acoustic mode 8 micron

E. coli in liquid

Contact mode 10 micron

E. coli in liquid

MAC mode. 7.5 micron

MP-RNA complex after formamid treatment

MP-RNA. 0.5 micron

MP-RNA complex 20:1

MP-RNA. 0.5 micron

MP-RNA complex 60:1

MP-RNA. 0.7 micron

RNA release from virus capsid

RNA. 10 micron

Olga Kiselyova
Anastassia Bolshakova


      1. The dynamics and mechanics of DNA as studied by AFM
      2. Study of RNA-protein interactions
      3. Study of antigen-antibody interactions

    Recent activity:

      The main direction of collaboration work during the 1999:
        - visualization of DNA-protein and RNA-protein complexes
        - biospecific interaction with bacterial cellular wall
      MSU group has supplied ASU partners with newly developed FemtoScan image analysys software.

    Joint seminars:


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    Final Report

Cactuses AZ view Cactus Cactus

Anastassia V. Bolshakova, ATC, 2000