Poliomyelitis virus. AFM study.


Virus particles on HOPG.
Scan size 1,1 micron

Virus particles on the NaCl crystal (substrate is mica). 
Scan size 5,8 micron

Probe microscopy - 98
Nyzny Novgorod, 2-5 March

Yaminsky I.V.Bolshakova A.V.,
Faculty of Physics, Moscow State University, Moscow
Loginov B.A., Protasenko V.V.,
ZAO "KPD", Zelenograd
Suvorov A.L., Kozodaev M.A., Volnin D.S.
Instituite of theoretical and experimental physics, Moscow

Poliomyelitis virus investigation using scanning tunneling and atomic force microscope is performed. Virus particles are immobilized on the surface of different substrates (mica, HOPG, gold, silver, titanium oxide). The sensitivity of scanning probe microscopy methods to detect virus particles is estimated.

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