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Department of Atomic Force Microscopy

     The main direction of the studies in the FIMIS Department of Atomic Force Microscopy is studies of surface morphology of biopolymers as well as other organic and biological structures.
     The Department has the Digital Instruments Nanoscope 3 device manufactured in Santa Barbara, USA. It provides possibilities of studying samples with subnanometric spatial resolution, in particular for surface topography studies in air as well as in liquid environment, and for studies of local mechanical properties (friction, viscosity, elasticity) of the surface.
     Application of the resonance measuring methods (tapping mode) allows non-destructive studies of surfaces in the samples with low rigidity including polymers, biological membranes, proteins, living cells and bacteria. To minimise action of the probing tip on the studying sample, measurements by tapping mode in a liquid environment are used. Under these conditions, dynamic studies of surface phenomena (like polymerisation, chemical transformations, self-assembling, etc.) become possible.
     Staff of the Department of Atomic Force Microscopy has a substantial experience in the sample preparation routines, viz. choosing adequate substrate with a sufficient adhesion to the sample, methods for sample deposition and immobilisation, and others. The researchers in the Department keep connections with the leading manufacturers of scanning probe microscopes, participating in a design of novel methods and devices for the local structure & properties studies of the surfaces.

List of RFBR projects

  1. 03-03-32748 (Yarysheva L.M.) Fundamental Aspects of Formation and Healing of Interfasial Surface upon Deformation of Solid Polymers
  2. 02-04-49875 (Vorobyova E.A.) Microbial and Biochemical in situ Analyse of Permafrost and Ground Ices of Arctic and Antarctic
  3. 02-03-32492 (Volynskii A.L.) Structural Aspects of Solid Polymers Deformation
  4. 01-03-32596 (Nikonorova N.I.) Механизм фазового разделения в пористых полимерных матрицах
  5. 01-03-32779 (Sergeev V.G.) Изучение реакций обмена между полиэлектролит-коллоидными комплексами и поверхностно-активными веществами в малополярных органических растворителях
  6. 00-03-33121 (Lysenko E.A.) Самоорганизация ионогенных амфифильных сополимеров в водных средах и их взаимодействия с противоположно заряженными линейными полиэлектролитами и (или) поверхностно-активными веществами
  7. 00-03-33109 (Ogaryov V.A.) Взаимодействие поверхностей стеклообразных полимеров с частицами золей металлов и конструирование "двумерных" нанокомпозитов

Head of Department

Dr. Igor V. Yaminsky


Postal address

Moscow State University,
Department of Physics,
Vorobyevy Gory, Moscow 119992, Russia